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Do you have any doubts about China's market?Pplease refer to these Questions and Answers,which is from the dialogue of global exporters and Dacang China,if you have any problems,please contact with us by email or telephone.

Q:How overseas foods manufacturers register in the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China(GACC) ?

A:"Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Registration and Administration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food "come into effect on January 1, 2022. Overseas manufacturers of production, processing, and storage (hereinafter referred to as “overseas manufacturers of imported foods”) that export foods to China  shall obtain registration with the GACC.About the process, please check the link  https://www.importfood.net/Show/?Cid=26669 or contact with Dacang.

Q:For new brands,how to tap into China's market?

Q:All food products are able to be exported to China?
A:Mostly,but Dairy Products,Meat Products ,Seafood Products,Pet Products and Cubilose has some other regulations ,and need to get permission from CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China).

Q:Are our products  potential in China?
A:Judging from package,taste,price,quality······

With 21-year experience in food market,Dacang China can offer professional services to help you do the survey and work out the solutions.

Q:How to find our buyers and export to China?
A:(1)Exhibitions or other events;
      (2)Office or  Branch Company;
      (3)Professional Consulting Company(eg.Dacang China).

Q:What documents are needed for customs clearance in China?

A:Sales Contract, Commercial Invoice, Health Certificate, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin······

Q:The products with short shelf life is difficult to sell in China?

A:(1)The Saleable Time:Most of products are shipped by sea because of cost,usually 10 days-2 months;
      (2)Limited Channels:For most of stores or supermarkets,if the shelf life of products has passed  more than one-third or one-half of shelf life,it can't be sold normarlly even refused.

Q: How to do Product Survey ?
A:According to thosands of cases and market experience,Product Survey is necessary but usually igored by most of SME(Small and medium enterprises).Without this ,enterprises will spend more cost(money and time).And the survey includes Package,Taste,Rrice,Cosumer group, Competition, Market potential······

Q:What to prepare before the exhibitions?

A:Some Brochure,Sample,Transaltors,Buyers Invitating.

Q:Our China's distributors need to invest after selling products to China,why?
A:For a new brand,it is unknown by most of people,and it will spend some money and time to do this to build the brand in China,or it is usually out of market after several containers.So for distrbutors,which fee do they bear?

·Stores or Supermarkets Fee:

  1. For example, in China's supermarket, Including Account  Fee, Entrance Fee, Barcode Fee, Display Fee, Commission······

·E-commerce Fee :

  1. Deposit+Advertisement 

·Exhibtion Fee:

  1. RMB 100,000 Yuan ~ RMB 1,000,000 Yuan per exhibtion+ Business trip

If you choose Dacang China as your partner,you needn't worry about these complicated fee,because we have our own resource and network to deal with these.

Q:How to choose exhibitions?
A:According to the reputation,scale ,displaying products······

Every year Dacang China cooperates and joins more than 100 International Food Exhbitions,so we are able to offer you professional advices or take you visit and attend.

Q:Buyers show much interest in products but still no order?
A:Maybe trade trust is not built between your company and buyers;Maybe for the being time they are not able to import and distrbute by themeselves.

Dacang China has own 1,000,000+ Chinese distributors,so we are able to analyse and judge whether it is your serious buyers or organize other distributors to order together.

Q:Trade Trust?Trade Risk?
A:Chinese companies worry about payment, delivery deadline, quality······ 

Dacang China has the reputation and credibility among global exporters and Chinese importers,so we has offered third-party services to deal with order and payment,eg.Royal Dansk,Gloria‘s,AquaNaida,Nestlé.

Except this service,for new products,we also help food exporters do a small number of sample declaration and inspection in advance,so avoid the loss(including goods and trust) of the unqualifiy suitation.

Q:We have some small serious buyers ,how to sell to them?
A:(1)Set the branch company in China,importing and distributing by yourselves;
      (2)Third-Party Company:Select custom and distributing companies and help deal with custom clearance, warehouse,sales,delivery······

Since 2014,Dacang China has offer Consignment Trade Services for the exporters who is from Denmark,America,German,Thailand,Canada and so on,so their products can be exported to China soon and sell to their small buyers.