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Dacang,leads you to success in China!

Who we are?

Shantou Dacang Trading Co., Ltd.(Dacang China),established since 2008,the brand agency that offering e-commerce and marketing services.Nowadays we have our own operation websites below,which are well-known by global enterprises,
www.chaoshang.net ;

www.importfood.net ;

www.importwine.cn ;

expo.importfood.net ;

story.importfood.net ;

www.globleorganic.com ;


Who we cooperate ?

·World's Exhibitions

Every year we cooperated with 100 world's food exhibitions,eg.France SIAL ,German Anuga , KOREA SEOUL FOOD ,Hongkong HOFEX , Canton Fair and so on.

·World's Suppliers

Nowadays we have served food suppliers from 100 countries and areas.

·China's Buyers

Nowadays we have cooperated with Chinese serious food buyers(importers,distributors,chainshop and so on).


Our CEO,Mr. Linwei,has 30-year experience in food market and Internet.With the values of honesty and win-win,our team offer you professional brand marketing and business matching service,so that you can develop China's market quickly.